Baby it’s cold outside!

Brrr it’s chilly here at Powis, but oh my! does the cold weather allow for some beautiful scenery! The gardens look so different to how they did this summer but they are still enchanting! Every morning I’m torn between lingering to admire the view and getting into the warm as fast as possible. The other day I took my time and a couple of photos and this morning Ben nearly froze his fingers off taking some brilliant shots!

Frosty Lawn

Cobwebby Wyvern

Tall trees


Frosty Trees

Frosty Formal Gardens

rats and rabbit

If this is what the gardens look like after a few frosty days then I can’t wait to see what it looks like after snow! Meanwhile inside we have been working very hard as always! We are right in the middle of the winter clean which is really exciting, I’m learning loads of new skills and working with items I have never worked on before! I have been moving the scaffolding about so often It’s even entered into my dreams!! and the other day I went to the top of the scaffold in the Library! Something I have wanted to do since I started here so I can tick that off my bucket list! We are also starting to gear up for our new year offer, I am looking forward to it as we are only open weekends so it will be a very different experience!

The last couple of weeks have also been a bit of a social whirl, I have officially been to my first work’s Christmas do, which was really nice. The whole property has not been out together since I’ve been here and it was a great laugh! However I think the restaurant will hesitate before giving such large parties rocket balloons and party poppers again! It was a bit of mess when we had finished our meal! Then at the end of last week I went home for a bit, which was much-needed. I had a nice break catching up with old friends and getting to know the new area my mum has moved to. If you want to know more about what we got up to here’s a link to my mum’s blog with some pretty photos of our walk, that turned into a bit more of an ice skate really!

We also went to visit Harewood House, which was really lovely! I was so envious of their kitchens as they have loads of copper-ware and fake meats and pies! I would love for Powis to have similar things but we just haven’t got the budget unfortunately. Hopefully these things can be added in the future. This picture is from their website.



Then this week I have been out every night so far! Monday was the volunteers Christmas meal, which the staff served at and then when the Volunteers had gone home we had a meal too. It was so nice to get all the volunteers together and the atmosphere was very festive. It was an epic task for Charlie and the Kitchen staff to undertake but they handled it brilliantly and the food was delish! I have good fun serving as well, I’ve never really done much like that before, save two weeks work experience at a Silver Service restaurant, so I was a little nervous I would spill something or drop a plate! However our vols are lovely and were really friendly and helpful, and aside from occasional mickey taking very forgiving of my in-expertise! Everyone had a lovely time and a good laugh, and it was very rewarding to sit down with everyone who had been serving at the end and have our meal (and we got all the spare food too!).

Xmas dinner

Tuesday was the Christmas party at the local knitting group I got to in Welshpool, most of the ladies there volunteer at the castle, and we had a huge buffet and Secret Santa, and again a really good giggle. Yesterday Me and my housemates went round to Emma’s for tea and we watched Nativity. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it, as it made me feel so Christmassey! The kids were so cute and I love Martin Freeman anyway! I’m hoping to catch the sequel which is in the Cinemas this Christmas (starring David Tennant!) Tonight I am out again at the House Staff Christmas meal at the Greek restaurant in town, which promises to be really good fun. We’re doing Secret Santa as well and I can’t wait to see the reaction of the person who is going to receive  mine! Then I get a night in on Friday and Saturday I’m out again helping with the Carol Concert were hosting in the Ballroom, and we get to sing along!!

Wishing you all the festive cheer that seems to be in abundance here at Powis!! And I shall try my very best to update you more often on my tooings and frooing. Keep warm!!


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