Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about Christmas Day! I get a day off and Dr Who is on TV!! Oh, and my family will be here! As promised here are some more pictures of my beautiful castle all dressed up for Christmas – Magical!

Fairy Tale Castle

Spinning Wheel

Elephant Tree

The Beast!


Drink me

Dining Table

Cinders shoe

Castle and Shoes

Briar Rose Fireplace

12 Dancing Princesses

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


love powis

We spent so long working on this theme, collecting and making the props and decorations and then decorating all the rooms, and it was so worth all the effort! The castle looks beautiful and it makes me smile every-time I walk through the rooms! We have had some fantastic responses to the theme as well, with a lot of people thinking it was a Trust wide theme (with whole Trust budgets!) and they could not believe it when they were told it had all been done in house on a shoe string budget. It make you wonder what Powis could do with some serious cash! I’m so proud of our Fairy Tale Takeover, it shall be a shame to take it all down in the New Year, but we’ve got another theme coming up soon!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope Santa brings you all what you want and wish for great things for you all in the New Year. I can only hope I will continue being so lucky and that 2013 will be a fab/amazing/extraordinary/beautiful/exciting as 2012 has been!!

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