Arbella Stuart Spotted?

A bit of fun for you today with an article that a college found and showed me. A recent photo taken at Rufford Abbey show a ghostly figure standing in the doorway, and it seems this figure has been attributed to none other than Hardwick’s own Arbella Stuart. Arbella was Bess’ granddaughter, and she had a claim to the English throne. Unfortunately her life, which she seemed to seldom have much control over, turned out rather tragically and she died in the Tower in 1615 (Read more about her here).

Arabella Stuart

Arbella Stuart

Arbella was raised by Bess and seems to have been a bit of a handful, there are reports of them having screaming rows in the long Gallery at Hardwick! She is another character from the past that it would be amazing to have a conversation with, find out what she really thought of her lot in life. This article was doubly interesting for me as in April this year my re-enactment group did a show at Rufford Abbey (Link to my mum’s post about the show). It’s a really lovely site and although I didn’t spot anything but if we go back next year I will be sure to keep an eye out for her!

Read the article here: and see what you think!

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