Bonny Bakewell

Recently I went on a little jolly to Bakewell for the day (the joys of now having a car!) and it such a beautiful place to spend the day I think I might be popping over there more often  to make the most of sunny days! It is full of lots of picturesque little cottages and cute gift shops and vintage shops as well as some interesting sights to explore.


I had a friend visiting and we decided to visit the Old House Museum at Bakewell since it has recently been voted Derbyshire Museum of the Year.


It was an interesting, if a bit odd, very typical of a local life museum in that it had bits of everything on display; including a rat’s skeleton, 1940’s artefacts, lace, clothing, lanterns, a barber’s pole, and lots of scarily life-like mannequins! Some of my favorite bits were the lace making room and furniture including a really nice chest in one of the other rooms.



Now when I visit museums or other heritage sites I spend just as much time looking at the way they interpret and present their collection as I do looking at the collection itself, but i find it really interesting and like to try and get inspiration wherever I can. However I am definitely not sold on the idea of having mannequins in every room. I wouldn’t want to wander around in the dark, alone, if there were! (Too much Dr Who when I was a child).


The building was beautiful, and had been extended in a rather higgly-piggldy manner, with rooms being added on where they were need without much though into the future, often blocking off doors or staircases.


The Museum is at the top of Bakewell so on our way back to the main street we walked though the church yard, which has some really interesting headstones in it.


Then, after all that exertion we stopped and had the most delicious strawberry milkshake from a lovely little cafe called ‘Naughty & Nice’ in a square of old cottages that now mostly contain craft shops. I couldn’t resist having a peak in the the cute haberdashers too! I may have to go back just for the milkshakes (I asked but they don’t deliver to Chesterfield).



Then we caught the scent of a chippie and had to get a tray of chips to eat by the river before heading back home. I’m looking forward to being able to explore more of the local sights now I’m mobile, and find out more about the history of the local area.

One thought on “Bonny Bakewell

  1. Oh Bakewell is one of our favourite places. We usually camp not far from there at Whitsun (although the GCSEs prevented that this year). Such a lovely town, we like watching the fish under the bridge, the ice-creams from the van in the park and playing pool in the pub! The church is wonderful. Did you go to Haddon Hall, it’s superb, definitely one to see.

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