Elven Days

A little while ago in a land a bit further North I had the exciting opportunity to become an Elf for the day!

My mum does an awful lot of crafting, and one of those crafts is knitting. She has knitted on and off for a long time and since moving to lovely Marsden has joined a knitting group full of really lovely people, who are incredibly skilled knitters. (By the way my mum also has a blog, click here to have a look).


One of these very talented individuals, Sarah Alderson, has written a pattern book, full of knitted and crocheted garments inspired by the Elves from JRR Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. The Book is called Elven Reckoning and is available from Sarah’s website here: http://www.aldersign.com/shop/

Or individual patterns are available from Ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/an-elven-reckoning/patterns

The patterns span our four seasons (and the Elves six) and all have names taken from Tolkien’s Elven dialect Sindarin so there is bound to be something for everyone to fall in love with. I still can’t decide which piece was my absolute favorite.


Now I am not a skilled knitter, and I have only just learnt to crochet, but these patterns inspire me to get much better at both. I have no idea how Sarah can make knitting patterns, how she can figure out which stitch should follow which and create such beautiful garments. But she did, and the clothes are beautiful!

And that is where I come in. Elven models were needed to show of these lovely clothes for Sarah’s book. And although I am neither of those thing my services were volunteered. I am usual very camera-shy and not at all one to pose *cough cough* but I absolutely jumped at the chance!


The photo shoot was so much fun, hanging out and having a laugh with everyone involved. We went to Beaumont Park in my hometown of Huddersfield. I had never been to the park before and it seems to be a bit of a hidden gem, with many spots perfect for transporting us to Middle Earth.

I’ll include a link to Sarah’s blog post about the day too, which also has a short video of the day: http://www.aldersign.com/blog/2015/an-elven-reckoning

Between the stunning backdrop and beautiful clothes I really did feel like an elegant Elf, and I absolutely adore the photos. I am so lucky to have been asked to join it, it was a fantastic experience and I still can’t get over seeing myself as an elf in an actual pattern book!


Needless to say all the photos in this blog post belong to Sarah so please don’t copy without her permission, but do go and have a look at the book and all the other fantastic things Sarah creates!

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