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I am currently working as Chapel & Collections Officer at Clumber Park. This role brings a lot of variety and responsibility, as well as tons of interest and excitement. My blog records not only what I am up to at work with the National Trust, but also the places I visit in my free time, and the occasional castle I’ve been camping in.

Before this I was a Conservation Assistant at the amazing Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. This was literally a dream job for me, having visited the hall many times as a girl it hold fond family memories for me, as well as housing a stunning collection of textiles, which is an interest of mine. I spent an amazing few years here getting to do some truly unforgettable things, and taking part in interesting, ambitious projects and having so much fun with my Chaps!

I started this blog just after I moved to a small town on the edge of Wales to take the next step in my career in the heritage industry and had just begun a year long Internship at Powis Castle and Gardens in Conservation and Interpretation. The year trained me in the skills needed to get a job with the Trust, which luckily worked out for me. I was working with the House Team to manage and care for an amazing  and varied collection of objects. I worked in all different departments, doing such varied jobs and learning so much fascinating information about a variety of areas. I cannot even begin to narrow down my favourite memories of a truly amazing experience in such a beautiful setting. Powis Castle houses the finest National Trust collection in Wales set in a stunning red brick castle over looking the beautiful rolling green hills of Powys.

I have a degree in Archaeology and Heritage from Worcester University and the internship was my first foray into the world of full time work, and a really nice, gentle stepping stone into the real world. I did work and volunteer at The Greyfriar’s House and Gardens, in Worcester, whilst I was at university, which was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the National Trust from the inside. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the industry, and my experience there helped got my feet on the ladder and my internship at Powis.

When I am not working at fantastic historical properties I spend my spare time stitching, sewing, embroidering and knitting, and in summer you can often find me camped in a field pretending to be a medieval peasant or lady. I am a member of the Medieval Re-enactment society Swords of Mercia. This hobby (lifestyle) allows me a inside view of a different aspect of the heritage industry, and is really good fun to boot!

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