National Trust online

I thought I would share with you some of the pages I use regularly in my work here at Powis, as well as a few of the really interesting National Trust blogs that I follow!

A great source for high quality images of National Trust properties and a selection of their collections in National Trust Images. I use this site a lot in finding pictures for my blog, as well as choosing great images for the posters I make for events at the castle. It also helps add to my list of Trust properties I can’t wait to visit!

As I have mentioned before Powis Castle is on Facebook and Twitter, and so are many Trust properties, as well as the Trust as whole, and there are pages for different areas of the country, so you can see what is going on nationally, locally or just at one place.

National Trust Twitter page and Facebook and the Welsh Twitter page and Facebook. Have a look for your local areas page too!

Now to the blogs, these first two are interns who were on the day out at Heelis I blogged about earlier. Chloe is based at Plas Newydd and Sofia is based at Polesden Lacey.

It is great to read their blogs and learn a bit about what others in my situation are doing and thinking, and they are also new to the Trust so it is interesting to see how they are finding things working of the organisation. They are getting up to all sorts of fab and exciting things and are both at lovely properties! More to add to my list!

The National Trust Press Office blog is great for finding out what is happening nationally with the organisation, all the stories that are in the news and some that aren’t from an insider’s perspective! Treasure Hunt shines a light on some of the lesser known treasures of the National Trust, giving detail about the objects past and reasons as to why they are so valuable. It is a really interesting blog and make me feel really pleased to be part of the organisation responsible for caring for such treasures, and thankful that the Trust exists to do so.

The nest two are conservation specific blogs that go into great detail about a huge variety of different conservation tasks that take place constantly across the organisation, and some very unique to the property tasks as well. These are really informative and I love reading about things that I have not had chance to try my hand at yet, as well as reading about tasks to which I have done similar things to as well.  The first blog is written by the Conservation Team at Knole, and the second by the Team at Nostell Priory.

And of course all the blogs feature gorgeous scenery and stunning objects for you to feast your eyes on! Enjoy!