Postcards from Powis

Familiarizing myself with the shared drive on the work computer I found some really lovely old pictures of the property, from several old postcards of the Castle. I thought I would share them as they are too nice not to be seen! The postcards have been collected by one of our volunteers, Colin, who has done a lot of research into the castle and the surrounding area.

Powis Castle viewed from the Wilderness

Castle and Terraces

The Castle from the East Front

The Castle in colour from the East Front

The Castle Courtyard

The Castle Courtyard looking busy

And finally a slightly new picture of the Castle taken only a couple of weeks ago, by one of our volunteers on a beautiful day. I was amazed when I asked Neil if I could use his photo to find he had taken it on his phone! The quality is brilliant and it shows off the castle wonderfully!

A panoramic view of Powis Castle

Here is a link to the web page so you can have a look at the interactive version of the image:

I have to say a huge Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, not only for the pictures in today’s post, but as they also work so hard not only giving their time to help us out but going the extra mile and showing real dedication. We could not do what we do without them!