A misty morning and historic afternoon.

Today was a beautiful morning and I left early to capture some photos of it on my walk to work. I just cannot get over the beauty of this place and how lucky I am to be here!

The view from my attic this morning

Rolling mists

The ‘warm’ flowerbeds

The Orangery

View from the top terrace

The lower terraces

The second terrace down

A stand pump in one of the flowerbeds

Today was also one of our Stuart themed days, the first one I have actually been working for. This really was in my comfort zone as I am a medieval re-enactor and I enjoyed being surrounded by people in period costume, even if I was running around working all day! There were three sets of re-enactors involved, a group based at near-by Trust property, Chirk Castle, called The Cheshire Militia were based in the Orangery in the gardens. They were lovely and I really enjoyed my brief chat with them.

The Cheshire Militia

The second group was a group of musicians called ‘Blast from the Past’ filling the courtyard with lovely sounds. They were also doing dancing with the kids which seemed to be going really well, and the kids really looked to be enjoying it. It was a shame the weather was not better for them to have been able to do more dancing!

Blast from the past

The third group was our own lovely volunteers from the castle, who were cooking in the old kitchens. I do love these ladies as they have fed me lunch in the past, and today allowed me several samples of their cooking. They had made Shropshire cakes (a kind of shortbread), cinnamon toast soaked in ale, marzipan, and my favourite, apple fritters. The food was so delicious I had to resist going back again and again. They all looked so fab in their handmade costumes and really brought the kitchens to life. The whole castle smelt amazing!! I think re-enactments and costumed interpreters are amazing and I would love to see them used more often. I know I am a bit biased but I think they always give an extra dynamic to properties, and engage visitors helping them absorb information in a different way.

Our costumed interpreters in the old kitchen

The fantastic freshly made food

Carrying bread fresh out of the oven

The day was fantastic, I really enjoyed myself and got to talk to loads of visitors and re-enactors while doing the light readings, which I love doing. The volunteers all seemed to enjoy the day and so did all the visitors I talked to, which is always good to hear! Tomorrow is a Jazz day, we have a band performing in the Courtyard and were serving Pimms, which sounds lovely if I was not working. However hopefully it will mean plenty of visitors to talk to again, and my mum is coming to visit! It will be her first trip to the castle and I know she is looking forward to it, I’m really looking forward to introducing her to my world!!